Yoga of the Fern - Charlottesville, VA

Yoga Studio Fern Mural    

Completed: June 2014

Description: 7' high by 15' wide acrylic on plaster.

Located: Interior studio at Hot Yoga Charlottesville, Charlottesville, VA

Details: The intention of this project was to create an appealing space to a beautiful, but somewhat small yoga hotroom space. I designed a structured stencil-like fern to convey good balance, good form and control, which to me reflects the activity of yoga. Before the mural was painted, the large mirrored wall simply reflected a blank wall and did not contribute in making the room feel larger. With the fern painted the room seems to double in size.

The room was well over 105 degrees during the three days of painting and I couldn't resist taking a few photographs of myself in front of the fern upon completion.

Additional Photos:

Susan in front of mural Susan in front of mural


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