Journey of Life - North Hollywood, CA

Journey of Life underpass mural completed    

Completed: April 2001

Description: 10' high x 160' acrylic painting on concrete underpass

Located: South wall of the Oxnard underpass at the 170 freeway, North Hollywood, CA.

Funding: Commissioned by the Universal City Rotary with a grant from LA Public Works Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant in conjunction with North Hollywood Rotary and the Laurel Hall School.

Details: Susan Krieg designed the mural using symbolic imagery to depict the influence of humans on the planet. Susan was assisted by students and parents from Laurel Hall Middle School. The other side of the underpass was also painted by Susan Krieg and Laurel Hall Middle School in February 2002 titled 'You Are Here'.

Additional Photos:

Students and Parents painting  

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